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on the road

Dash cam with voice control will record all the data on your trip: date, time, video, audio, speed and coordinates of a location. In playback mode you can see the data recorded on video and will be able to view the route on the map in standard or a satellite modes and choose the place you are interested in seeing in the player. You can take a picture in the video player when watching a video.

Functional Features

Cyclic recording

The data is written in cyclic mode. You can determine the maximum number of recorded files and the maximum recording time of one file. It is also possible to set a lock to protect the video from erasure. You can enable the lock both during the recording and lock the file by selecting it from the list.

Sync videos with a map

When a video is playing, a route is displayed on the map with information about the time and speed. After specifying the location on the map, you will continue to watch the video from this place. In addition, it is possible to select two points on the map and determine the time and distance between them.

Text on the video

Text data with the coordinates of the location, time and speed of movement are overlaid on the video at the time of recording. Also you can set your unique logo, it may be your nickname.

Picture with address

You can take a picture while driving by pressing the appropriate button or using the voice control. You can turn on auto mode, holding the button for more than 2 seconds. The interval between pictures is specified in the settings. You can also take pictures while playing a video. The picture properties record the time and address.

Pictures on the map

Pictures are displayed on the map in the places where the survey was performed. You can specify the location on the map and see the photo. Or select a picture and see on the map the place where it happened. When you download pictures to the Photo Gallery on iPhone, the time and location data remain relevant.

Voice Control

Voice control allows you to start or stop recording, take a picture, activate the auto-capture mode, switch the camera or block the video from being deleted.

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